Bob Bly, author of 90+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” rereleases this mini-classic of direct response….

“Bob Bly Has Forgotten More About Direct Marketing Than Most People Have Learned!”


In This “Lost” Marketing Classic, You Will Discover 258 Ways to Double Your Response—Based on More Than 3 Decade of Proven Results.

Dear Reader:

Do you know what direct marketing has in common with the Kentucky Derby?

In horse racing, the winners often beat the losers by a second or two … or even less.

But as a result, the “win” horse can generate more profits than the place or show horse – often thousands of dollars more.

In the same way, applying just one or two simple techniques to a direct response promotion … often entailing tiny changes … can yield an enormous dividend in improves sales results – doubling or even tripling sales!

And I’ve made a career of achieving big wins not by being a better or more creative copywriter … but simply by knowing what works … and then applying these proven response-boosting techniques in promotions where no one else thought to use them before:

** For U.S. West, I suggested enclosed an audio with a “product demo” with our letter to CEOs. It was not the first mailer to enclose a disk. But it generated an immediate $5.9 million in sales with a 20:1 return for the direct mail program, and won the Direct Marketing Association’s Gold Echo award.

** For years, Medical Economics tested countless mailers against its control for Physician Desk Reference—with no luck. Then I added a little gimmick – a sticker plus an unusual graphic on the outer envelope – and the new test package tripled the control.

** The half-page, 2-color ad I wrote for AirPol’s new pollution control device was the #1 inquiry producer in 6 consecutive issues of Chemical Engineering magazine. It featured a revolutionary new technology that no one realized I essentially made up – although every word in the copy was true.

Since 1979, I’ve been studying, learning, collecting, and using an assortment of direct response tips and tricks that I dare say is unduplicated in the industry today.

With my “direct response bag of tricks,” I’ve helped dozens of companies – some of which are listed at left – increase response rates 10% … 25%. … 50% … even 100% or more.

Now, you can have my complete toolkit of proven direct response boosters – to use in all your marketing – for less than I charge for just 5 minutes of my time!

My 258 response-boosters proven.
Do you know them all?

In my book Bly on Direct Marketing: 258 Ways to Double Your Response—Based on a Quarter of a Century of Proven Results, you will discover:

  • How many names must you test mail to get a statistically valid result? The authoritative answer is on page 259. And not one marketer in a hundred today knows it.
  • How to write and publish an effective promotional e-zine. Page 42.
  • Rosser Reeves’ 3 essential components of a winning USP. Page 207.
  • 14 elements of a winning web site for your online store. Page 66.
  • Trade show marketing secrets I learned while working for David Koch of the “billionaire Koch brothers.” Page 219.
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader with public speaking. Page 246.
  • How to understand what motivates your customers to buy from you with the BDF formula. Page 12.
  • The awful truth about brand marketing. Page 26.
  • 7 affordable ways to drive traffic to your web site. Page 52.
  • 38 ideas for your next headline. Page 183.
  • What Donald Trump can teach you about direct marketing. Page 241.
  • How to get out of a slump in direct marketing – or anything else. Page 278.
  • 10 essential rules of direct mail testing. Page 265.
  • How to promote yourself or your products by writing articles. Page 243.
  • A crafty technique for making Yellow Pages ads work. Page 238.
  • What works best – long copy or short copy? Answer on page 187.
  • Increasing subscription revenues with blanket renewals. Page 152.
  • How to create a successful “forced free trial” offer. Page 148.
  • The awful truth about blogging and marketing. Page 97.
  • Has the Internet changed the way you should write? Page 275.
  • Tips for boosting your personal productivity. Page 269.
  • How to maximize landing page conversion rates for search-engine traffic. Page 83.
  • SEO tips and tricks from the pros. Page 91.
  • Are customer surveys an absolute waste of time? Page 229.
  • How to write powerful bullets and fascinations in your copy. Page 194.
  • Overcoming reader skepticism with a “secondary promise.” Not one marketer in a thousand knows this technique. Page 212.
  • The “online conversion model” for increasing Internet marketing revenues. Page 58.
  • How and why you need to break into your prospect’s e-mail inner circle. Page 55.
  • 10 steps to online marketing success. Page 39.
  • Mark Ford’s powerful copywriting secret: selling with “false logic.” Page 204.
  • How to write and design better sales brochures. Page 232.
  • How to charge and get a premium price for your product. Page 9.
  • The 4 stages of marketing competence. Where do you rate? Page 3.
  • Secrets of successful postcard marketing. Page 28.
  • What to put on the outer envelope of your direct mail piece. Page 33.
  • The 10 critical steps to online marketing success. Page 39.
  • How to make sure your ads are not deceptive. Page 6.
  • And so much more….

One more thing….

If you’re like me, you might also enjoy that Bly on Direct Marketing is not some thin, flimsy 50-page ebook you have to churn out on your printer. It’s a big, 293-page quality hardcover book – a handsome and sturdy volume you’ll be pleased and proud to add to your permanent marketing library.

That’s a lot of pages. And we’ve printed and bound them for you between hard covers – so you don’t have to waste your toner or paper, 3-hole punch the pages, or buy an expensive binder to hold them.

Praise for Bly on Direct Marketing

“Millionaire master copywriter and recognized direct marketing authority Bob Bly has produced another best-seller. Bly on Direct Marketing imparts his tried-and-true wisdom … old-timers and newbies will want this already classic and timeless edition.”
--Andrew S. Linick, Founder, The Copywriter’s Council of America

“By far the single most important book on direct marketing in years.”
--Dylan Jovine, Tycoon Research

“In Bob’s collection of battle-proven marketing strategies, I see at least 50 gems that he’s used to grow our profits over the years. Yet there’s another 200 or so we haven’t even acted on yet. I can’t wait to give them all a try.”
--Phil Ash, President, National Institute of Business Management

“In a demanding field where accountability is king, Bob Bly’s peers consider him America’s number one B2B direct response copywriter. This book is your chance to learn from the best!”
--Roger C. Parker

“The best thing about this book is that it’s not a collection of wide-eyed theory and empty catch-phrases. It’s more like a to-do list. Pick the items that will make the most impact on your business and get to work!”
--Ray Edwards

“The direct marketing Bly writes about is real nose to the grindstone marketing, where everything is accountable. It is not brand marketing or the stuff you have likely learned in college. If you have come to the opinion that there is more to marketing than the brand, this book is a great place to start.”
--Bernie Malonson

“Bob, the book arrived and it is truly a fantastic read. Well organized, detailed and filled with useful information. To top it off it is bound in hardcover. You put out a lot of great material, but IMHO this may be the best yet.”
--Larry Elkan

"I recently ordered Bly on Direct Marketing. I have to force myself to stop reading it. In fact, I've almost finished it. What a terrific resource at such a low price. Thank you once again, Bob."
--Jeff Trewhella

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One more thing….

In 90 days or sooner, you could be taking your marketing to the next level … using battle-tested, field-proven direct response techniques to take your clicks, conversions, orders, and revenues to a whole new level.

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  • The worst pricing strategy for selling services ever devised – page 10.
  • 3 easy ways to make more money with e-mail marketing – page 45.
  • What words sell best? See page 19.
  • 5 ways to command premium prices for your products or services. Page 13.
  • To succeed in business, think small – page 25.
  • The most common mistake Internet marketers make and how to avoid it – page 39.
  • Avoid this common turn-off when billing clients for your services – page 42.
  • What David Oreck can teach Mickey D’s about selling more burgers – page 16.
  • How to create a more moving experience for prospects in your marketing – page 22.
  • The most powerful piece of equipment any marketer can own – page 51.
  • What Friendly’s can teach you about making the second sale – page 48.
  • And more….

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